Professor and Lectureships

Lecture Hall

The Psychology Department has an endowed professorship and two endowed lectureships that continually energize the intellectual climate for students and faculty.

The Earl R. Carlson Professorship

The goals of the Earl R. Carlson Professorship include promoting research on the effects of socio-economic, cultural, familial, and educational background on the abilities to learn skills and acquire motivations that contribute to success and psychological well-being.

An important part of this is the identification of impediments to success and well-being, and development of strategies and interventions to counter those impediments. Read more

The Allen L. Edwards Lectureship

Edwards endowed the Edwards Lectureship to bring nationally and internationally renowned psychologists to campus for short visits to interact with faculty and students. Read more

The Roger B. Loucks Lectureship

The Roger Loucks Lectureship in the Neurophysiological Bases of Learning and Memory was established by an endowment from the estate of Professor Loucks, and sponsors one or more annual lectures and visits by outstanding scholars who have achieved recognition in the field of Neurophysiological Psychology. Read more