Centennial Stories

Stories celebrating the UW Psychology Department's 100th Birthday

Edwin R. Guthrie

In 1907, Edwin Guthrie began his career in Lincoln, NE as a high school math teacher. He had just received his BA in mathematics from Univer [...]

Elizabeth Loftus

Prof. Elizabeth Loftus was hired in 1962. During her 29 years as a faculty, her research on how memory works has been instrumental in changi [...]

The Best Decision I Ever Made

One of the best decisions I ever made was to major in Psychology at the UW. The U, as we called it back then, was the only college I applied [...]

Marsha Linehan

“I never expected to be well-known. I'm just a person who developed something.” And developed something, Marsha Linehan, has. Dr. L [...]

Distinguished Teaching Award - Faculty

Each year since the inception of the Distinguished Teaching Award in 1970, the University of Washington honors several faculty members for [...]

Excellence in Teaching Award - Graduate Students

The Excellence in Teaching Award was created by the UW in 1983 to recognize the contributions of graduate student instructors to the scholar [...]

Anthony “Tony” Greenwald

Prof. Greenwald joined the UW Psychology Department in 1986. Prior to that, he was a professor at Ohio State University. Greenwald's nu [...]

Psychology Diversity Fund

During the 1970's, three members of the Psychology Faculty (Carolyn Attneave, Stanley Sue, and Nathaniel ‘Ned' Wagner) were inst [...]

Earl Hunt Graduate Fellowship Fund

Professor Earl Busby “Buz” Hunt (January 8, 1933 – April 12, 2016) was a member of our faculty for 50 years. Hired in 1966, Prof. Hunt [...]

An Ex-Psych Major Turned Doctor

When I applied to med school in 1967, admission committees were looking for biology and chemistry majors. Now they're interested in psy [...]