1917-2017: 100 Years of Discovery

Department Chairs: Stevenson Smith (1917-1948) & Roger Loucks (1948-1958)

Jay Cohen
Graduate Student Jay Cohen works on PhD thesis

1948 PhD program re-instated
1925 - 1927 PhD offered
1928 - 1947 only MA offered

Faculty 1947-1957

red designates current fauclty
* designates Emeritus status
Allen L. Edwards
Erwin A. Esper
Ralph Gundlach
Edwin R. Guthrie*
Louise B. Heathers
Thomas G. Hermans
George P. Horton
Roger B. Loucks
Stevenson Smith
William R. Wilson

Esper & Guthrie
Erwin Esper              Cats in a Puzzle Box by Guthrie & Horton               Edwin Guthrie
Ralph Gundlach
Canwell Communist hearings led to the dismissal of three UW professors
in 1949, including Ralph Gundlach (L).

New Hires 1947-1957
Sidney W. Bijou
Sidney S. Culbert
Edmund E. Dudek
Paul E. Fields
A. Paul Horst
Allan Katcher
Max M. Levin
Benjamin B. McKeever
Irwin G. Sarason
Moncrieff H. Smith
Charles R. Strother
Kenneth F. Thomson
Lloyd S. Woodburne


Also this decade...
1949 Seatac International Airport opens
1950 Korean War begins
1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision
1957 Sputnik 1 launched by the Soviets