1917-2017: 100 Years of Discovery

Parrington Hall
Psychology - Parrington Hall Photo: UW

Department Chair:
Stevenson Smith

Faculty 1927-1937
Edwin R. Guthrie
Stevenson Smith
William R. Wilson

New Hires 1927-1937
Erwin A. Esper
Ralph Gundlach
Thomas G. Hermans
George P. Horton
Roger B. Loucks
Madge W. Wilkinson
- First woman awarded PhD
- First female faculty


Edwin Guthrie
Edwin Guthrie
Bill Wilson
William "Bill" Wilson
Loucks, Horton, Wilson
Loucks, Horton, & Wilson
UW campus - 1930s
UW Campus - 1930s


Also this decade...
1927 Charles Lindberg flies from New York to Paris
1928 State Capital building in Olympia completed
1929 US Stock Market Crashes, starts Great Depression
1936 UW Husky Crew wins Olympic Gold Medal
(”The Boys in the Boat”)