Psychology Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The TransYouth Project

This project was expired on 01/29/2017


To find out about this 499 opportunity contact:

Contact name: Gabrielle Lindquist
Telephone: (206) 616-3558
Email: lindqg@uw.edu

Faculty Information

Department: Psychology

Does faculty advisor meet with students?

If yes, how often? 2-4 times per quarter

Direct supervisor of students:

Gabrielle Lindquist
Supervisor Title: Lab Manager
Will 499 students participate in weekly or biweekly discussions sessions about research or project? Yes

Short Project Description

The TransYouth Project aims to help sci­en­tists, edu­ca­tors, par­ents, and chil­dren bet­ter under­stand the vari­eties of human gen­der devel­op­ment. Based out of the Social Cognitive Development Lab at the University of Washington, we are cur­rently leading the first large-scale, national, lon­gi­tu­di­nal study of devel­op­ment in gen­der non­con­form­ing, trans­gen­der, and gen­der vari­ant youth . In addition to our primary goal of supporting the first major study of transgender children in the U.S., we are also conducting research about the origins of anti-transgender bias, and have plans for outreach projects in collaboration with some of our partner organizations. Our current research study is recruiting children aged 3–12 who are transgender, gen­der non­con­form­ing, sib­lings of gen­der non­con­form­ing chil­dren, as well as con­trol par­tic­i­pants (those who are gen­der con­form­ing). We are recruit­ing fam­i­lies from across the coun­try for this lon­gi­tu­di­nal study.

Work Schedule

Min. number of hours/weekstudent must work: 9.5
Evenings/weekends OK? Yes
Times a student must bepresent/work: Students work with the lab manager to create a 9.5 hr per week schedule that it convenient for them between the hours of 9am - 6pm on the weekdays. There will also be opportunities to fulfill some of the 9.5 hours per week with weekend hours, as we sometimes open the lab to run participants on either a Saturday or Sunday.
Student commitment: We are currently in need of Research Assistants for winter quarter (and potentially spring as well). The commitment is 9.5 hours per week. Please email Gabrielle Lindquist at lindqg@uw.edu to apply!

499 Responsibilities

Working with Data Working with Subjects Working with Animals/physiology
60 % data entry % video taping % animal care
% database management % interview subjects % animal observation
% encoding data 30 % scheduling appt % surgical techniques
% library research % running subjects % histology
% data collection 5 % child care % laboratory protocols
    5 % recruiting subjects    


Skills / Experience Preferred

Basic knowledge of excel, experience interacting with children ages 2-12, experience interacting with parents, and any past experience with phone-based participant recruitment is helpful. Importantly, we are seeking resourceful, hard-working individuals with a passion for (or interest in learning more about) research and the research process.